20 Months Old

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3 thoughts on “20 Months Old

  1. Hi Erin- Thanks for the pictures of the beautiful boys. Is that beach?/seashore? near
    your home?. From your previous post I gather transition hasn’t been totally smooth and
    easy. Our wet and windy weather finally ended today and I hope yours has too. Sashi’s
    doing fine—she does sleep a lot, but now it’s on the brown daybed more than in her
    closet “hideouts.” Hopefully hot water and other mechanical issues are or will be
    worked out soon. Hug those guys for me! Love, Joe

    • Hi Joe, We had a sliver of beautiful weather yesterday so I pushed us to do a long walk. We were at The Strand in Sandymount. It was much colder and windier by the water but the boys loved climbing and digging.

      Rough night again with C. We are all exhausted! So glad to hear about Sashi. Unfortunately, she will not be the only cat on the lane. We have seen a black one on the roof and an orange one in our backyard, so she should enjoy her solo reign. PS: The boys call out “Papa” to older gentleman in hats. They miss you.

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