It’s a wired world, after all

Thank you vodafone, for blessing us with wireless at last.

4 thoughts on “It’s a wired world, after all

  1. Erin, I grew up “down the lane” in the middle of the town. I’m delighted that you have gotten to know your neighbours. I bet those older folks could tell a tale ,or two about Dublin “in the rare old times” as they call it.
    That’s a beautiful picture of the two boys in the lane.

    I loved your account of the visit to Ikea. The chaos reminded me of a Marks brothers, or three Stooges scene. Very funny, and poignant at once. You have undeniable writing talent, and a distinctive voice.
    If nothing else, you might find a wealth of material for future writings while among the Gaels.
    I’m really enjoying your updates, and look forward to seeing more and more.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I, too, hope once we are settled I can get to know the neighbors more, and in turn, write more.

      We were just playing some of your music for my mom. I hope you had a great time in Nashville.

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