Around Dublin

Our first month here has passed quickly, and yet in some ways it feels as though we have been here for much longer. Last week was a week of difficult transitions–the boys started creche part-time, bringing home finger paintings and surprising me with new words they are picking up; we also had to say goodbye to my mother and release her back to the comforts of her suburban life, which I know she is thrilled includes a clothes dryer and does not include composting. We are so grateful for the time we had with her and miss her at every turn.

Now Papa P and Gramby have flown in from NYC, so the boys are newly distracted. This post will be mostly pictures, with the details in the captions of what we have been up to. What isn’t pictured, but I will leave you to imagine in your mind: the (late) tarantula-like spider (hairy belly and legs) we found peering at us through a glass bowl; me, now a veteran spider-vanquisher, armed like a Ghost Buster with my vacuum; the thick, thick speckled slugs that live in our garden and like to hide under the composter cover; the white-bellied magpies who congregate in the treetops and on the stone walls; Little Cat and Big Cat, our other neighbors on the lane; and a trip to Trinity College to view the Book of Kells with my mom.

6 thoughts on “Around Dublin

  1. WOW! So much here. I miss those boys, G looks so different with his haircut! We miss you but love reading how you are fitting in. And I’m thrilled you can do some ‘gardening’. I know how much you love it.

    • Yes, I’m glad to do some gardening. It’s one of my top tips for making a home again and again. (I’ll do a post about all that one day.) It’s been weird to get used to the growing season. Our tomato plant was pretty much cooked by the time we were leaving, so it’s odd to think that we are still getting some tomatoes here in mid-October!

  2. I can see how you are fitting in and getting to feel more comfortable. I will have to talk to your mom and get all the details. It is amazing when you actually come in real contact with history, I found that too when I was in Europe, in a sense there seems to be so much more history and of course the old country with it’s buildings and architecture do leave you glad you become part of it’s history. I know you miss everyone here, but I know that this will be a grand experience for all of you. All my love and thoughts are with you and your family. The boys are so cute!!!!!!

    • I’m sure my mom would love a visit. Actually she needs a good travel mate for the next visit! It is weird also to come up against reminders of my own “history” here, e.g., retracing some of my tourist steps when I was here as a college student years ago, whereas now I’m a married mom with two kids! Miss you.

  3. Great snaps! Your pics of G & C remind me of one of John (my husband) “drinking” Rheingold on the beach at their age. I prefer stout myself as well, the “chewier” the better. Of course, just one these days puts me out completely–the agonies of old age! Codladh samh. L, Sara

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