You don’t have mail

Got this through our mail slot yesterday. What is most disturbing is that this preprinted card suggests this happens all the time. (Water stains mine, of course)

7 thoughts on “You don’t have mail

  1. Wow, that’s crazy. So, people just grab an opportunity to snatch the bag and presumably people’s identities or whatever else they can find. Where and why are the bags left unattended? Don’t understand how they manage to steal it in the first place.

  2. Yikes! Reminds me of time ~20 years ago in Peru, on a falling-apart choo-choo train going along the alti-plano from Lima. The train would stop every 20 minutes to repair a coupling between cars. I spoke Spanish and would get out every time to shmooze with the guys trying to fix it. They were using (i’m not making this up) wire coat hangers to hold the train car couplings together. Finally, they got tired of doing this & put one of the cars on a siding. I asked,”Arent you worried about that car not getting to Cuzco?” They said, “No. It’s only the mail car.”

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