Donnybrook tree lighting

We missed the tree lighting in Ranelagh–almost every village in Dublin has their own–but on Saturday Sascha noticed the signs for the one in Donnybrook.  So last night, we bundled up the boys and went first to eat at Eddie Rocket’s, which is a poor facsimile of the US chain Johnnie Rocket’s, which is itself a poor facsimile of some Happy Day’s fifties Americana. Needless to say, the food wasn’t great but the milkshakes were. There were booths full of teenagers, just like the one on Santa Monica Blvd. near Cacao in West L.A. But it was near the lighting, and it was fast.

We were happy to celebrate something festive and Christmas-related with their grandparents, who left this morning and won’t be back until after the holidays. It was an extremely cold night, but I’m glad we waited. Several choirs sang and we ran into some friends and neighbors while the boys met a Polar Bear, Santa, and a horse named “Dasher.” Wish I had better pictures but fingers were going numb and boys insisted on being held!

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10 thoughts on “Donnybrook tree lighting

  1. Hey Erin! So glad to finally discover your blog (thanks for checking in with mine!)…I’ll have to go back and read the old stuff. Love following your adventures. x

  2. Love the pictures. I’m actually very impressed, particularly with the main image of the boys. They are turning into little lookers. Those Dublin lasses won’t be able to keep their mittened hands off them. And Anna would be positively green with envy if she got a look at those monkey hats. She loves monkeys.

  3. Eddie Rockets could be better, but after drinking a lot of warm Cokes during my backpacking around Europe, I remember being so, so happy to get ice in my Diet Coke when I ate there. It’s always the little things!

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