Toddler twin serenade

One week from today, our little sons have a big birthday. A few weeks ago we discovered they knew the words to the birthday song — from creche we guess — when they started belting it out to each other. G’s version is “Happy Cake-y to you, Happy Cake-y to you.” Here’s C’s rendition, which we happened to catch on video.

I hope he doesn’t hate me for this when he’s sixteen.

14 thoughts on “Toddler twin serenade

  1. Awesome!!! Adorable!!!! Priceless!!!! Love it! Yea, he’ll hate ya @ sixteen for it & love ya @ 30 for it. Hope all is well! Happy B-day to the boys! Steve & I send our love! xoxoxo

  2. SO GOOD! And I love that C inserted “G” into the song too!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR….let me know if we can skype this week. I am going to Hong Kong on Friday. 😦

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