Bringing our cat

Ok, just want everyone to send out positive thoughts that Sashi gets on her Aer Lingus flight tonight and is cleared tomorrow morning so we can bring her home. G for some reason thinks she’ll want to play “choo-choo” with him.

I got sad when we were reading the “Airport” book and it showed the cargo hold.

10 thoughts on “Bringing our cat

  1. tried to purr a comment, but it didn’t seem to go through…
    just to say I’m purring my most positive purrs
    that all will go well.
    I’ll have Sascha’s nice cozy green blanket to rest on…
    Hope to see you soon…
    Play choo choo?
    We’ll see.

    • I hope you remember me. I’ve tried to have a talk with the boys about you. They looked a bit blank, unfortunately, when I tried to explain the concept of “letting someone alone”. They think you have just been “outside” all this time and now you are getting to “come in.”

      Sascha will pick you up. I spoke with Lissenhall this morning. They are expecting you. I will go out and get your litter box and litter and food (I hope you adjust to Irish cat food!) while he picks you up. I’m too superstitious to do it earlier.

  2. My church introduced me to a tradition that I adopted full on. It’s sending prayers, good wishes, and hope by lighting a chalice. While the match is connecting to the candle I say the words: May this flame kindle within, the warmth of compassion, the glow of love, the fire of commitment, the light of truth. Please surround Sashi with love and safety for the trip to join Erin and family.

    I gave Mom a hand made blue and white chalice years ago. I have inherited it and it sits next to me and is lit often. I just lit it for Sashi. She will be carried to you surrounded by love and hope.

    Much Love, Chrissy

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