Bringing our cat


Ok, just want everyone to send out positive thoughts that Sashi gets on her Aer Lingus flight tonight and is cleared tomorrow morning so we can bring her home. G for some reason thinks she’ll want to play “choo-choo” with him.

I got sad when we were reading the “Airport” book and it showed the cargo hold.

Toddler twin serenade

One week from today, our little sons have a big birthday. A few weeks ago we discovered they knew the words to the birthday song — from creche we guess — when they started belting it out to each other. G’s version is “Happy Cake-y to you, Happy Cake-y to you.” Here’s C’s rendition, which we happened to catch on video.

I hope he doesn’t hate me for this when he’s sixteen.

New Year’s Day Dublin 2012


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Dear reader, It’s been a while. I hope you missed me. I am surfacing after the typical pre-Christmas feelings of exhaustion and being overwhelmed, but it was compounded by a nasty cold virus, then a stomach bug, and the boys … Continue reading