One more plane ride

I’m back in CT and got to spend my mom’s birthday with her. As she pointed out, this is the third year in a row, completely unplanned.

I have shin splints from the two mornings I did Jennifer’s 6-mile walk with her in Winston-Salem. We got a lot of good talking in over 12 miles and it helped clear my head of the jet lag. This is the first major exercise I’ve had besides the hike last Friday with Bela & Abby. When I get back, I need to prioritize exercise somehow. Also, last night was the first night the jet lag was starting to go away, which is really great, considering I go back tomorrow night.

I spent a long time catching up with Ron on Wed. I’m not sure when I’ll get to see him again. We worked out that the last time we saw each other was the book release party in NYC in March 2009. Since Dublin has an Innocence Project, I want to see if I can get them over for a speaking engagement. I really want the boys to meet him.

Sascha is doing wonderfully, all things considered. Two work days for him were pretty much vanquished by flash fevers: first G, then yesterday C. Today Sascha took C to the doctor and he has bad tonsillitis. Murphy’s Law, or something: he was the sickest he had ever been last summer with roseola when Sascha was out of the country. Hopefully, the antibiotics will do their work soon.

C was thrilled to see me on Skype Monday, but today he turned away.  I expect a bit of attitude when I get back. G has been acting out. Today he is at daycare by himself, and apparently doing well.  Maybe some time apart from each other is good?

It was good for me. I compartmentalized. I spoke to adults and had clean clothes on at all times. According to this article, if I could work part-time consistently, I’d be happier and healthier. Then again, most part-time working moms I know don’t have the consistency, especially if you had any non-traditional career path. Like me, they have sudden work opportunities that send them frantically searching for childcare, a way that laundry might do itself (if you leave it long enough, maybe the organisms thriving in it would get up and start walking around?), and figuring out logistics with a military-like precision. It also requires a very understanding spouse.


5 thoughts on “One more plane ride

  1. Thanks for posting that article. Finally something that made me think I’m doing something right! Just yesterday I got a call from my an executive producer I’ve worked for in the past asking if I wanted to write two treatments for Monday. Harlan said it’s good, quick money, I can’t turn it down. We were planning to go out of town this weekend, so I spent half my yoga class fretting about whether we could leave Sat instead of Friday, how I could find childcare for Friday, whether I could pull it off in one day, how I could fit work time at our friends’ house, whether A’s preschool would let him do another day… Then of course I got a text at 10pm last night saying they didn’t need me for the job. Story of my life! And yet it feels good to feel necessary (both at home and at work), it feels good to contribute a few bucks to the pot, it feels good to be a contributing member of society. I’m proud of you, Erin. Welcome to the confusing, confused world of the non-traditional, flexi-schedule, part-time working mom! It’s a wild one!

  2. i emailed with sascha yesterday (was shocked he had time with everything going on!) looking forward to your happy reunion…

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