Sunday NYT magazine piece on Ireland

Sunday NYT magazine: My Debt to Ireland  – John Jeremiah Sullivan

2 thoughts on “Sunday NYT magazine piece on Ireland

  1. You have to go to the West, It’s where I’m from. It is another country,
    In other news, I have made contact with a friend of mine, whose children are one and a half. and three. They are great, and about your age. They live in Donnybrook, but not far from the Tourishes
    who they know well. Bill is, at the moment, either going to be playing at the Clive Davis party, or not, depending on the response to the death of Whitney Houston. The kids are gorgeous girls, called Anna and Lily. Anna is the youngest and looks just like I did at her age, except her hair is red and curly/ Joan, the mom says she goes to Herbert park all the time, and more than likely has seen you there.
    I’m loving all the posts. I think there is a book here, if for no other market then the Irish one. They love a good laugh at themselves, as long as it’s not racist, or condescending in any way. If they know you get, and enjoy the very nature of the obvious cultural modernity, along with the very present individual cultural pride, you got ’em.Truth is, you’ll have to laugh with us, not at us. So far, you seem to have figured this out. That kind of sensitivity dhows how a good writer doesn’t just opine, but immerses.
    But really. Go west young family,

    • Hi Maura, It would be lovely to meet more of your friends! Just let us know.

      And we hope to go west very soon. My late grandmother’s first cousin is here, in Ballingeer, Co. Clare. We’ve spoken on the phone and will hopefully plan a road trip there in the next month or so. xo

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