Happy Valentine’s Day

From us to you

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

    • Nothing particularly Irish. The boys made paper Valentines for us as well as heart-shaped cupcakes for us at the creche. People give flowers and go out to eat. Not like at Christmas, where every young person in Temple Bar sported a heinous Christmas jumper (sweater) and Santa hats and even wore lights! We went to Seagrass, a great little restaurant over the bridge in Portobello. I had the red pepper goat cheese tart and grilled salmon; Sascha got the roasted squash soup and cod special. Dessert was a bit eh — a North African vanilla panna cotta with chocolate chips. We probably should have stuck with our original choice of baked lemon custard with mixed berries, but the waitress suggested the special so we got it. The restaurant gave everyone glasses of Prosecco to celebrate, and because you can bring your own wine, it was a bit more affordable.

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