Conversations between two two year-olds

C:”Mommy a man!”

G: “No, mommy a yady!”

C: “No, man!”


G: “My mommy!”

C: “No, my mommy!”

G: “No, my mommy!”

C: “No, no. My mommy!”


G: “Moon awake!”

G: “It’s a big moon!”

C: (patting the ground) “Come down moon! I catch you!”


C: “You’re otay! You’re o-tay!”

G: “No!”

C: “You’re o-tay.”

G: “No!”

C: “Donjuta say ‘No!’

G: “I’m not okay!”


G: “I go to the jungle.”

C: “I go to the ocean.”


Me: “Where are you going?”

G & C: “Ikea!”


C: “Mommy broken.”

C: “Bobby Builder fix it!”

6 thoughts on “Conversations between two two year-olds

  1. hilarious! see–be glad you have a record of this, if nothing else to embarrass them later. but i bet you’ll get even better material on that score! 😉 Sara

    • Yes, it’s funny especially because I’ve noticed one takes the opposite position (say over whether I am a lady or a man) from the other, possibly for the sake of defining themselves against each other. Makes for some funny debates. They are also learning the word “contrarian.”

  2. Ahhhh, I love the imagination of it all!!! Catching the moon and being the sun, seeing the feminine and the masculine and the certainty of it however inately understood….it would be fun to see their conversation on video….Love you all, Peace & Light to you all!!! Many many hugs and kisses!!!

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