Are you bored of this yet? I am.

Blog silence on my end wasn’t planned, but the transition to toddler beds has been a major upheaval in our lives.  Things actually deteriorated since the last post. And I haven’t been writing about it because it is so banal.

According to the internet of crazy, desperate Googlers like me, “Twin Escalation Syndrome” is a major factor. In other words, the fact that there are two of them means they do not get bored with quiet time and lack of parental attention and just fall asleep. Oh no.  Case in point: one day, during nap time, I went to check on them (our video monitor is in storage in the U.S., with the rest of our belongings) and discovered that they had pushed over their beds, climbed up on the dresser (thankfully this was bolted to the wall), and pulled down all the diaper ointments. They opened the can of Sudocream, and had smeared it all over the floor, themselves, the sheets, and the curtains. They also emptied the dresser drawers. Sudocream, in case you aren’t familiar, is kind of like white grease paint. Here are some pictures from that afternoon.

In Galway, they climbed out of their pack ‘n plays every few minutes until about 9:30pm, launched themselves into the tub, ran into our adjoining room, etc, and then had complete tantrums by day out of sheer exhaustion.

It has been very discouraging, because before this the boys were good sleepers on the whole, and we worked hard to achieve that.  But I don’t want to keep blogging about it. “This too shall pass,” we tell ourselves. It must.

Here is the last I will say on the matter–I know the next sleep hurdle is the loss of the nap, but I cannot bear to think of that now. I don’t want to call them tips, but learn from our mistakes:

1. If you have rambunctious, very curious children, consider a mattress on the floor. Otherwise the junior bed may seem like little more than a climbing apparatus. C got two black eyes from jumping on his bed and hitting the edge of it.

2. Bolt furniture to the wall. I always thought this might be an over-the-top move as far as baby-proofing goes, but if we hadn’t done that, the dresser would have fallen over when they were climbing up on it to reach their diaper creams.

3. Do not expect this transition to happen in three days, or a week. Expect a massive disruption, especially with naps. Expect to feel as underwater from sleep loss as the early months.

4. Toss all parenting books. In your sleep-deprived state, inane advice such as “Set the ground rules: tell them they must stay in bed until it is light out/Mommy and Daddy come get them,” will only enrage you.

5. If you have twins or other multiples, you’ll probably need to separate them. We bought another security gate for the guest room. At first just putting one in there for a few minutes was upsetting enough that he would decide he would return to his room and stay in bed. However, if the other one was up as well, it presented a big problem. Basically they just chatted through the gates to each other and threw things out into the hallway. So, the next step was me saying I had to “lock” the doors (the doors don’t actually have locks, so this required me to stand in the hallway holding both doorknobs)

My beautiful boys. They don't look like they'd tear a room apart right?

We shall return to our irregularly scheduled programming shortly. Things to look forward to:

-A visit to Newbridge Farm

-Passover and Easter in Galway, Kinvarra, and Ballyvaughan including the not-friendly toddler activity, the Ailwee Caves at the Burren

-A trip to Paris…city of lights, city of romance…with toddlers…and my parents, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary

14 thoughts on “Are you bored of this yet? I am.

    • well, to me, And from that photo, C appear the angel and G
      has the mischief gleam
      in his eye. But they take turns at it.
      All I know further is, we will miss them terribly when
      we return to the U.S. this Sunday
      after a heartwarming
      visit of two weeks

  1. Sounds like you’re having a really tough time. D and V still share a bed, but (like many bad habits we have) I lie down with them until they fall asleep, so I haven’t run into the types of things you have. As you said, it is a phase and it’ll pass. Separating them is probably a good idea. I have never had any luck with pack and plays after my kids were one. I have found that after they turn a year, it is easier and less stressful for everyone if they just sleep with us when we are on vacation. Don’t worry about it too much, it’ll get better 🙂

    Looking forward to reading about your trip to Paris!

    • Yes, it’s just stretched into a longer phase already than I ever imagined. And we lie down with them, too. (One of us has often slept in their little beds with G bc he is prone to night waking.) I don’t know how we went from such good sleeping to such terrible habits. A bit demoralizing.
      Did you book Iceland?

  2. Oh god, sounds absolutely awful. I know Sudocrem very well and it’s hard to wash off. I can’t believe you’ve had to bolt furniture down. Your angels don’t look like they’d tear a room apart, but I know well that looks can be deceptive. Anna looks angelic, too, at times. I want to read about Paris too. Just one of the many things I miss about being so close to Europe. By the way, I am back in London on July 9 and hope to visit you!

    • Yes, visit! Or, I’ll come to you. I have earned some credit, I believe, because S goes to London a bit every now and again for work so I think I should get to go, too.

      Paris is next week. My parents arrive tomorrow. I don’t know if we would have attempted another flight yet without extra hands.

  3. Your boys are just too cute! I mean, mischievous and exhausting I’m sure, but also really, really cute. 🙂 I always love reading about your adventures, both traveling and parenting!

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