Around Galway

Back from all our travels, and six weeks straight of guests.  This blog is supposed to be the chronicle of our experience abroad, but the great paradox is that the busier we get, the more there is to blog about, and less time to do it in. The journalist in me does not like gaps in the record, though, so I will do my best to catch up. Sometimes the amount of photos alone is overwhelming. I wish I could spend more time and collage some of them but it just takes too long. If any bloggers have any tips out there for making photo editing faster and easier, please let me know! Until then, bear with my slowness, and the unappealing layout.

Here is a gallery of our trip to Galway, on the west coast of Ireland.  We went over Easter, which coincided with the Galway Food Festival. We also celebrated Passover with Sascha’s cousin Daniel who is Galway Market’s “Donut Man.” The market stalls surround St Nicholas’s Church and are quite busy on the weekends.

Galway is known for its nightlife and it is now quite popular on the college backpacker trail. When I was chatting with someone who was studying there, she told me Galway is known as the “graveyard of ambition.”

As you will see, Galway has more a village feel than Dublin, with its medieval past a bit more visible. Dublin feels very urban in comparison. We stayed along the Salthill Promenade by the bay, so the boys would have a place to run and dig. On the last day, as hail was pelting us, we went to the National Aquarium, Atlantaquaria, and shuddered at the massive eel. Galway was a good base to explore some other places on the West Coast, which I will post about just as soon as possible.

8 thoughts on “Around Galway

  1. Hi Erin,

    I so know that feeling of too busy, too much to say, too many photos, too . . .too. . .too
    It’s the description I recognize and consider a beautiful life! Enjoy!

    I love hearing from you and the photos are beautiful. Thank you.

    Much love, Chrissy

    • Now you know how we all felt when you lived in London and went off to Spain, Berlin, the Lake District, etc. when we were all just taking the subway back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan for work! I want to take advantage of traveling in Europe (and beautiful Ireland) while being here, though we go through euros in a terrifying fashion. We use the excuse of our transience to justify it…

      • I console myself with the warm sun. God, how I’ve missed it. I am turning a healthy shade of brown. I think I could even venture to the beach without scaring small children and animals.

  2. So happy to see the blog back. It is one way to see Ireland, I still have hope of seeing more if only through your eyes. Much love

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