Barefoot in Dublin

It’s a really good thing that we finally have some short-sleeved-weather days. Since moving to Ireland, C has seen people in shorts and T-shirts so infrequently that he thinks if arms or legs are showing people are “nay-nay” (naked).

My neighbors soak up the sun in the lane. One by one they had to pick up their chairs and move so we could get through with the car.

11 thoughts on “Barefoot in Dublin

  1. Oh, I love your street! I am surprised (i’m not sure why) Nolan and C speak the same language- nay-nay and yight. Miss you!

    • In the ever-changing world of toddler language acquisition, the “l” has arrived (I guess it also belies how behind I usually am in posting, too, since this trip was over Easter!)

      I miss some of the cute toddler-speak. C also had trouble with the hard “k” sound–so he used to say “nay-ched” or “nay-nay” and “milch” for “milk.” Now everything is a question, “Can I…?” “Can you…?” Hope you are enjoying the heat!

    • I’m told it won’t last, but it was amazing while it did. Plus there’s the “stretch in the evening”–sunlight until after 9pm. It’s amazing. But the flipside is that I didn’t apply sunblock carefully enough and got sunburned on my back! In Dublin! And also realized I brought about 2 short-sleeved shirts. Grandma Rose’s dress came to the rescue.

  2. that is the prettiest lane ever!! I love that people are sitting out reading! no one even uses their beautiful balconies in New York or much here in L.A. either…Love nay-nay and yight! love peace and light to you all!!!

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