More iPhone Pics from Galway











The great, long light of northern summers: driving back to Dublin, 9:30pm

6 thoughts on “More iPhone Pics from Galway

  1. The town is so beautiful – who are the couple Sascha and the kids are with, they look familiar!
    and who’s the lady with Danny?
    I miss you guys!
    love, Bela

    • Hey! We miss you, too. We have to find another European meet-up location with more advance notice. The people look familiar to you because they work with Sascha, so you likely met them when you were here. The guy with the glasses shares an office with Sascha–he’s the director. And that’s Danny’s woman, Liz, who’s pretty cool.

  2. Hi Erin,

    I loved seeing all the pics in Galway. The best one, was the boys sitting between the men statues sitting. Too cute!

    I couldn’t find anything you wrote?

    But, having some free time here at the beach FINALLY!, I read about Sascha’s project. Oh my what a gift. I want to see that video when it comes out. Will you let us know?

    Thank you,Love, Chrissy

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