Hello from Dunmore East

Today began our planned holiday, so of course that means we found ourselves running to an emergency vet appointment, and Sascha sitting on top of our toy car trying to get the lid of the luggage carrier to close. (Sashi is fine, but she had an infected cut, possibly from a rumble with a lane cat. Also, to those of you who think my cat is a bitch, the vet said “there’s something royal about her.” So there. She can’t help being superior.)

We are in the “sunniest corner” of Ireland and it was beautiful when we finally arrived. Here’s to summer vacations (with no wi-fi). What are your plans?





13 thoughts on “Hello from Dunmore East

  1. unbelievably beautiful skies, and Sascha gets xtra credit for sheer dogged unrelenting commitment, love you guys, Bela

  2. Love the picture of Sasha. So I guess the rooftop carrier just barely fit everything. Did you end up doing the installation at the place we were at together??

  3. I also wanted to tell you that it’s nice to have gotten a few notifications lately that you have posted something new. I missed them!

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