A quick hello from Rosslare (playing with our new camera)

The last few days of my mom’s visit we’re spending down in Wexford County at Kelly’s. It was beautiful this morning on the beach.

It’s hard to believe we are now into our second year in Ireland. The boys have grown so much.  I wish I had done a better job of maintaining the blog for them.

Hope you are all well and I hope to catch you up on these very busy weeks in which I visited the Irish President’s House, met my very distant Irish relatives, and went to Powerscourt.  No tonsillitis since August (all fingers crossed.)

toddler on the beach

Moving target

We’re having a big “Cars” moment in the house

Ice cream moustache

There’s a playground right on the beach

8 thoughts on “A quick hello from Rosslare (playing with our new camera)

  1. what beautiful pictures! Love the last one of the boys under that beautiful blue sky! Glad you are having fun getting to use the new camera!

  2. Beautiful pics of the boys, they are growing so fast and are precious. I can’t believe you are starting your second year in Ireland, it seems like you just left, the old cliche is surely true, time does fly. Just happy that all is going fairly well for you, you have gained a wonderful experience that will remain with you for a liftetime, and I only pray that life continues to treat you well in all of your upcoming plans for your future. You are very special to me and I only wish you the best of what life can offer you. All my love. Connie Peluso

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