Heartbroken goodbye, Ireland. It was grand.


15 thoughts on “Heartbroken goodbye, Ireland. It was grand.

  1. Oh Erin–I’m glad it was a great experience for your family. I’m looking forward to all of the great adventures waiting for you stateside. Safe travels! xo

  2. I tried to memorize her jagged coastline as Ireland edged away under the window of our jet. Part of me was still standing down there shouting, “Why are you going?”. I’ll never know what my Dad felt in 1928 leaving his Irish home.

  3. You get the full Irish experience now, the leaving. I’m glad you fell in love with our frayed and beautiful little Isle.

    • So true, Maura & Kevin. Hard to imagine the pain of those born and raised in Ireland and forced to leave because there was no hope of work. It continues to this day (see Irish Times’ series “Generation Emigration” on so many young people these days going to Australia or Canada). We were so lucky to have these two years, but it does feel like a love affair’s end: How deep I fell for such a tiny, damp, craggy place that made me sicker than I’ve ever been.

      • So happy to hear from you, Erin.
        We’re going to Cape Cod on Sunday, back in NY on 7/22, around that week and the following one. Hoping to spend Aug. upstate. Of course you’re totally welcome to visit there. Would love to see you and Sasha and meet C and G.

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